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Maine Hair Loss & Replacement Testimonials

“I started losing my hair at age 22 when I was a single woman. I began a battle that nearly stopped me from developing any intimate relationships, working as a corporate presenter, or enjoying my social life. At first, it started out as one single spot, but it eventually became diffuse thinning all over my head. I fought hard. I grieved over the lot of the image I had of my life. I tried everything the hair industry had to offer to find a solution: hair weaves, hair extensions, integrated systems, wigs, clipped hair pieces, hair add-ons, hair color sprays, scalp paint, pulling my hair up everyday- you name it. I was never really satisfied. Nothing was acceptable to the level that I would have liked, but I marched on. Then my son was born with Tricholtillomenia – a hair pulling disorder. It’s one thing when you suffer for yourself, but it’s another when you have to watch the suffering of your child. He became my teacher and my inspiration. If it is not ok for him to live with a bald spot or for kids to tease him, then why is it ok for me not to look and feel healthy or attractive by society’s standards. There is no passion found in playing small. So I took a bold step to change what had been my life for 20 years, I was 42 and I wish I hadn’t waited so long. I realized that you can’t gain something more unless you’re willing to let go of what little you have. A small risk on my part could lead to a much greater reward. So I sat in the chair and faced my fears head on. No surgery, just a paradigm shift of mindset. And the result – the stunning, beautiful, natural, curly hair that I always loved about myself as a little girl – it was back. I was back. I looked better than I did in my 20’s – how many women can say that? I am excited to experiment with the latest fashions and if feels great! This is not just about hair, it is not vanity, it is about restoring your spirit and it is worth every penny!

Lisa from Maine.

“I was 24, nervous and not sure this was the right thing to do when I first considered Hair Builders . . . Seven years later I still feel it was the best thing I have done for my confidence, career and social life. I can’t say enough about how convenient, confidential and comfortable all of you have made my experience here over the last seven years. As you know, I am very busy and you have gone beyond the call of duty to oblige. I can’t say enough.”

Life is good . . .Thanks, Hair Builders!

After my first visit to HairBuilders I felt at home, at last! No Boston traffic, no more production line treatment. HairBuilders is quiet, clean, easy to get to, professional, and economical. They pay attention to detail, make you look your best and maintenance is always impeccable. I could never think of going back to Boston.”

Happy to have discovered Hair Builders,
Tom from New Hampshire

“Dear Wes and Staff, As you know, I searched for years for a hair replacement company that I could be comfortable with. Well I have found it and I want to thank everyone at HairBuilders for the excellent service. I only wish I had found you first! The change in my life since starting Folligraft has been amazing. It has made me feel better about my appearance and that has really boosted my confidence. I am a much happier person! People who knew me before I started Folligraft have forgotten that I was ever without hair. New people I meet never have a clue I have had my hair replaced. It’s truly fantastic! The best part of the experience this past year has been dealing with the employees of HairBuilders. You certainly know your craft and take special care to make sure everything is perfect.

Thanks again, Mike T.


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